Conquest, part 8

Spires, Abomination

Ok, this was a joy to paint and I have two – so double the fun. With Distance Learning being a real drag and a shit ton of work, I needed a good day to sit and paint. I diverted from the blue and white color scheme for my spire army and took up green and black with gold armor and trim for these monsters. They turned out nice and I added some fun details to the huge big eyes.

The real issue with this model is putting it together. The directions online are terrible and the thing is very difficult to build. Everyone is having trouble with it.

I followed the directions, what they were, building the base body and adding two caprice parts on the back. Issue one, when you add the front parts and then the torso ring, the back plates come up short. So I had to pull the plates off the back and then re-glue and then even had to drop a lot of glue on the back to hold it all together while under pressure. Not happy….

Next came the legs and a fuck ton of feet. Three times the feet you need. Why? Got no clue but there they were. So gluing the legs together and then trying to glue the four legs to the body, keeping it all inside the base, I had to finally and just let the legs go wild. They spread out well past the round base and onto the square carrying base. Why you need to have a round base and outer square one for a single monster I do not know. When the creature is slain you take the whole model, plus the square base off the table.

Got them glued, but the model need a real redesign to deal with the build issues. Spire has a lot of huge monsters coming out, I just hope they are better designed.

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