Conquest, part 4

Mercenary Crossbowmen

On to the next unit, I have twelve Crossbowmen. The detail on these is quit good. I like the flat, pot like helms and the padded armor and breast plates. Makes for a good figure.

Once more I find I am a bit free with the paint, but a final light brown wash and a white dry brushing brings them all to life. This unit has a mixed color scheme. I figure they are mercenaries, so they are pulling soldiers from all over the place and so have many different colored uniforms from many different kingdoms and noble houses. I ended up with a good mix of reds, blues and yellows.

I only have the six stands from the two core boxes, so I can either run them in a three by three block or two smaller three stand units.

Stat wise they are a light foot man unit, with a good 20” range and can reduce the armor of a target by one. They doin’t get to buy extra command characters like some units can, but over all they are a fair mid tier range unit.

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