Conquest, part 3

House Knights

The big unit in the core game for the Hundred Kingdoms are the House Knight, even though they are medium cavalry. I love mounted knights. They are always a pain to paint, but I love playing them. As you get three knights per core box and I bought an two expansion kit, I have a total of nine. Unfortunately you only get command spurs in the expansion box, so I am a bit short on banners. It looks like I will need another expansion box which will give me three more knights, enough for two four by four units on the table, each with banners and I can work up two Tourney Knights as well.

I have hit on an over all color here of green and white for the army and so have made sure to have plenty of both colors displayed. Painting is a bit free again, but over all the results are fine.

I used ink pens to add color and fine details to the wraps and shields, again just having fun with it, not being too crazy about details and clean lines.

Can’t wait to make my first mounted charge…

Still have base all of them

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