Conquest, part 2

Hundred Kingdoms

The main human faction in the game right now are the forces of the Hundred Kingdoms. These take on the form of traditional, European, Medieval soldiers. Knights, men-at-arms, crossbow armed mercenaries and the like.

The main core box comes with a mounted Noble Lord, a set of three House Hold Knights, twelve Mercenary Crossbowmen and twenty four Men-at-Arms. Not a bad start, although I would have liked to have seen the command spurs included in the core set.

I have started painting the forces for the Hundred Kingdoms first. As I have bought two core boxes (You get more figures this way and at a lower cost), I have plenty to paint up. I started with the two mounted Noble Lords.

Easy to paint and enough details to keep you painting. I find I am painting a bit freely on these figures, not being so super precise on the paint job, but allowing things to move organically. Overall they came out fine. I did add some bits to show heirloom the character is going to be equipped with. One has a magic banner and the other a magical lance.

I just have to base them up and they are all done.

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