Chaos Temple Display Board, part 3

Texture, magnets and paint

Now that I have the basic build and the backing board glued in, its time to get the texture and paint on this beast.

Before I get started though I have been thinking that I would like to use this board as a generic chaos board. I might want to put together some chaos marines or Deamons some day and this board can work for them as well. To do that though, I will need to be able to switch out stands for the figures. I use smaller magnets for people and large ones for knights and vehicles. I will need to set up a base magnet system that I can then attach different mini-boards to.

Counter-sinked magnets

I counter-sink a system of large magnets to then set different mini-displays on.

Once that is done I start with the Vallejo texture, covering the stone and pond with a heavy coat. Even with this the surface holes are still showing up, here and there. That’s the down fall of using styrene – air holes. I plan, once the texture paint drys, to either hit the whole thing in glue once more or do a lighter coat of the texture paint.

Damn air holes…

So while I loved using the Vallejo texture paint, it left plenty of air holes, holes the next coat of glue did not fill in. I could use another jar of the texture paint, but it’s expensive, so I think I might go with a coat of white gesso. It’s think, drys hard enough and should cover.

Test, test, test first…

As I wait for my order of gesso to arrive I look at the board and feel the pond needs to be defined more. It takes a bit of time but I get it all framed in with plastic card. This should help define the edges more.

Also while I wait for the gesso I start in the walls of the temple. Standard process here, prime black, hit the main colors, black line it all and finish it up with shade washes and dry brushes.

So I have the whole thing covered, air holes blocked out and ready to prime the beast…

Primed black and laying in the base grey

Once primed I lay down a coat of medium gray paint. This when dry is hit with a water down layer of black dip. Then I think I will try a trick from model rail road builders. I hit the rocks with dashes of brown, green and yellow shade wash. Real random in in large areas. This when hit with a lighter grey dry brush will give the rock a more “Living” look, with movement in the rock itself so it looks like, well real rock.

Backing board adds a nice touch

Turned out nice, I will keep the technique in mind for futures builds.

Base grey paint layer
Paint job done
Looking good

Just need to add the texture to the ground and the water effects.

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