Post-apocalyptic, part 2

Getting started

So this build is going to be big, lots of parts, lots of kits to buy, paint and build. I cannot do it all at once but will have to buy stuff bit-by-bit over the course of the year. First off I need to get the display boards and density foam boards so I can clearly figure out what goes where.

I did a lot of looking for cheap trays, but either found them but could not order nine at one time or they were way to expensive. I ended up buying some cheap shadow box picture frames from Joans. These will do just fine.

Density boards I got on Amazon. I have used this stuff before so nothing new here. It cuts well. Is dense enough to carve and shape and will not dent too easily.

I also ordered from Amazon three Master Box kits to start painting.

Looking around I find plenty of resin figures I can use for this build, bike, quads and people. What I cannot find is any good 1/35 scale cars or buildings. Plenty of 1/32 scale but they are a bit too small. I will continue to look around.

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