Post-apocalyptic, part 1


So as I work on some projects I am starting to think about my next build. This next project will be a big one, a post-apocalyptic diorama made up of nine boards that link together to form a larger scene. The plan is to have each board open on the side where it touches another board(s) so they all can be set up to butt up cleanly with the boards next to them. The outside edge will be framed in to make a nice outside boarder.

The scene will be a walled compound centered on a roadside cafe and gas station. As the only place within one-hundred miles to get a bite to eat and gas, everyone comes to Joe’s sooner or later. The place will be a hodge-podge of people, road warriors and survivors.

I think each board will have a focus so it can be looked at by itself as a contained scene, but build on the other boards to make the larger scene.

Here is a list of the boards running from top left to right, then down to the second row and finally the third row. All of this might change of course as I work on it.

Top left, board #1 – Raised hill protected by a razor-wire chain link fence and buried huts and shelters. Lots of trash will be laying about, kids and animals, cats and rats.

Top middle, board #2 – Train track dead-end with cargo car being off-loaded and creates being shifted on to an old rusty truck. Lots of creates and boxes laying about. Again covered on the outside edge by a razor-wire chain link fence. The tracks will move off at an angle towards board six. The slope from board one will end at the left edge of this board and then be more or less flat from there on.

Top right, boards #3 – Right corner of the compound. Here we have part of the train tracks and more fencing. Will be mostly storage with teenagers hanging out behind the creates tagging and smoking. Lot of trash blown against the fence. Might even have a hole cut into the fence so the kids can sneak out.

Center left, board #4 – Slope drops off to this board to run into a barrier surrounded area with a few huts and armed men hanging out. Guard barracks.

Center middle, board #5 – Here we have the cafe itself. Large bill board on top advertising Joe’s Food and Gas. People hanging out in a car hop like setting, eating and drinking in their cars and the like.

Center right, board #6 – Fence gate for the train tracks. Here we will have an area of a bunch of people gathered to watch a fight between some road warriors. Lots of people drinking beer and sitting around. Might have a watch tower.

Bottom left, board #7 – Entry into the compound with a watch tower and check point. Start cargo container wall and another billboard sign.

Bottom middle, board #8 – Gas station with cargo container built wall. Lots of bikes and quads parked around here. Maybe an argument between two gangs of road warriors.

Bottom right, board #9 – Mechanics shop with a bunch of junked cars and people working on their vehicles. Will start transition from chain link fence to cargo containers used as walls.

So big plans…

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