Chaos Knight, part 24

Chaos Unbound

Chaos Knight Lord


Time to splash some paint. I think I want a dark purple / black base with gold trim. The tower like cathedral I want to fade from deep purple to a mid-purple, to pink and then white.

I use water based spray paint after a black primer. This looks great but it needs a better fade and some depth. I need to wash shade the beast but I fear I will lose my fade from color to color.

I try GW’s contrast shades on this, starting with deep purple and then a mid-purple and a blue. The dark purple is way dark, but goes on well. Leaves a line though where I end the application. The mid purple brings out the pink well. The blue is way to blue and turns the white deep blue on me. I had hoped it would fade down as it dried but it go darker if anything.

Dry brushing gets rid of most of the color lines but I hate the blue. I am either going to have to dry brush a ton of white paint over it or hit it with white spray paint.

Best sleep on it.

Spray painted and ready to shade wash
Crappy job I did on the cover-up of a joint. Could have done better.

Here it is with the wash shading…

Really blue…

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