Chaos Knight, part 23

Chaos Unbound

Chaos Knight Lord

The Build

So the massive build on the back of the Knight is going to be a bit of a challenge. First off how to get it all to sit on the caprice and balance so it does not tip the model over. While the model has a large base, it could still tip over if I do not balance this tall tower just right. The large shoulder pads and the way the model is built gives it a large area to sit the tower down on and is level enough not to worry too much about the balance. As long as I keep build centered I should be alright.

The building parts come together and they sort of snap together. I have to play with it all, figuring out the way I want it to look and sit.

So two issues. One it has no roof. The Pegasus model kit comes without one. Hump? Well I can plastic card one up no problem. Maybe keep it flat so I can stand figures on top.

Second issue is it is two square. Just not gothic enough. I need to add stuff to the building. Digging through my model junk box I come up with a plastic tube thing. I bough it at a box hardware store a few years back. No idea what it is used for but it looked great. It has a cool shape and it fluted. This and some hard paper rolls tubes will work well to add curbed curves and added towers.

So I spent a day cutting walls, fitting parts and plastic carding gaps. The next day I green stuff joints and seams and more gaps. I also add a bunch of skulls and the like.

All done. Sorry for the dark photo.
Back side showing the tubes and towers.

Last but not least I added some horns to a Knight face mask, the horns coming from the Khorne greater deamon kit.

Off to painting

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