Chaos a Knights, part 22

Chaos Unbound

Chaos Knight Lord


So I needed to wait for some stuff I ordered from Amazon to finish the Tzeentch Knight so I have time to get started on the last knight for this build. This one will be based on the Knight Castellan model. As this is to be the big momma of the build I has been thinking about a big build for her. I had seen that a few folks had been building chapels and the like on the top of this model’s caprice. This is a cool idea but I though a tall tower like cathedral might be cool.

Looking around I find Pegasus Hobbies produces some great plastic buildings in a gothic style. I remember using one of the kits a long time ago. The plastic is sturdy, but soft enough to saw and modify. Good details and it’s the right size.

I order their kit and then spend two days building the cathedral onto the back of the Knight model. My plan is to light up the model from the inside with bright white LEDs and paper the windows with reddish colored plastic film like paper. This will create a stain glass window effect.

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