Future Build, part 2

Saturday at Joe’s

Ok so I think I am have settled on a 1/35 scale diorama, post-apocalypse desert scene. There will be, I think, five inter-locking scenes all set up around a Café / gas station called Joe’s Eat and Gas.

There are a lot of kits I can use for this build, cars, junk piles and other stuff. Here are some I have found so far…

Plastic kit by Master Box
More Master Kit stuff
Master Kit
Resin kit. There are a lot of these. Found this and other great stuff at
More resin stuff
I found lots of strange figures like this which will fit right in
More resin figures, all 1/35 scale
Mohawk punk

I think the center diorama will be Joe’s Café, with crazy people sitting around outside under umbrellas eating and drinking.

One diorama will fit next to the center piece and be a railroad, with rail car or two and a bunch of creates and stuff. Maybe and old truck being loaded up.

Next will be a garage and gas pumps. Here we will have lots of junk cars and poeple working on their vehicles.

Another diorama will be a party, drinking, fighting and the like. The last will be a watch tower and wall around the compound, with a gate like check point with a car trying to get in. Now that I think about it the whole place can be walled off. Maybe zombies shambling around outside. Have to think about it a bit more.

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