Chaos Knight, part 21

Horseman of Death

Tzeentch Knight


Alright, almost done with this whole build. What a blast it has been so far.

Now it is time to start the painting of this model. I have settled on a blue paint scheme overall with yellow highlights. All very Tzeentchy I think. I am adding a bunch of bits from the greater deamon kit and most of the parts from the Celestial Hurricanum kit. The celestial bits are yellow with blue trim and my copper mix (Eh, copper with a heavy brown shade wash, it’s great for machine bits).

The demon stuff for the most part are on fire so a flame color scheme is called for.

I do flames as follows (Yes I know this is backwards from most versions of painting flames, but it is how I do them). I first hit the whole flame a dark yellow, leaving a lot of the black primer to show underneath as the yellow normally takes several coats to cover the black primer (That or a base of white first and then the color. I usually have to do this with yellows and reds if I want them to be bright and pop, otherwise the black primer often creates a deeper, muddy hue of the color).

Once the yellow is applied I hit the flame with a red shade wash. Once dried I start at the base of the flame closest to its origin and do a heavy dry brush. As I move out towards the flame’s tips I dry brush red to orange, a bright yellow is next and then end with the very top of the tips white. When completed it looks great.

This model has a few people with it. I did not spend a lot of time on them, just base coated them and hit it all with the correct wash and then a dry brush.

One thing I had to do here is vanish seal everything before I start to build, and then went back and green stuffed the glass eye beads on to different parts. I have found the vanish fogs up the glass way too much, so I need to do varnish parts first and then add the glass bits.

Here are some a Tzeentch flaming bits
Copper parts. Note the dark brown shade wash really bring the bits up.
Painting on the spur really helps me control the parts as they are painted.
I still have to hit everything with a very light white dry brush
The blue and yellow really pop
Eyes added

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