Future Builds

As I am almost done with my Chaos Knight build I have been thinking about other stuff to work on. After watching the wizard’s tower build by Real Terrain Hobbies, I have been thinking about some kind of scratch build project. Not sure my skills are up to those shown by the guy at Real Terrain, but it might be fun.

Outrageous work from Real Terrain Hobbies, check out his YouTube videos

I have also been thinking about stuff from Master Box. They have several kits, both sci-fi and fantasy, which look nice. Some kits at 1/35 scale and others are 1/24, but Bitch builds would require additional kits and purchases to work up a diorama or two.

One of several 1/24 scale models by Master Box
One of many 1/35 scale kits by Master Box. Have to by the truck separately.

There s also the insane kits by a German company, Dieselkits. It’s all resin, but the kits and figures come in both 1/24 and 1/35 scale. Would add Nicky to the post-apocalyptic setting.

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