Chaos Deamons, part 2


So this is a great model, went together rather smoothly except for a few points where the joints were difficult to get together. This model I more or less built first and then painted as I wanted to be consistent with the flesh colors, getting the washes right and the like. Normally I paint on the spur, but in this case it was better to get most of the model put together first. I did the wings separate and decided to leave off most of the armor bits to show off his muscles. These I outlined in red ink to bring them together with a pattern of think lines.

I primed this model in red and hit it with a heavy dip wash. Thereafter I dry brushed red, to orange and then yellow to create the highlights.

The wings I blended from dark red prime, dropped heavy and then started from purple to blue to light blue and tipped in white. I highlighted the symbols in red and orphanage with yellow highlights. They came out nice I think.

The base I use a bit of cork and some half round beads to form bubbles in the hot blood he is standing over. When done I will hit it with a few coasts of Vallejo water effect to give it the blood lake look.

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