Chaos Deamons, part 4


This was a difficult model to build. Like the other deamon kits, I built most of the model first and then hit it with paint. This model though required a lot of green stuff to fill in the gaps. Not a fun model to build, even if it look really good.

Paint here was primed my standard black. I then hit the flesh with a purple wash and then a red one. From there it was successive dry brushings of lighter and lighter blues.

Black lined thereafter and wet painted the hair green and yellow. This could have turned out better, but my wet on wet painting skills are sub-par I think.

The clothing I hit with a leopard print over a tan base color. Came out ok. The black around the spots I hit with an ink pen as it gave me more control over the lines.

Gold jewelry finished it all off. The base I built a pillar out of a toilet paper roll, marbleized it and added some clear water texture by Vallejo. It comes in several thickness. When it drys it’s clear, and you can build it up over successive layers. Works great for making swirling fire effects and whirlwinds. This I will add some bits from the spell kit and add Vallejo’s water effect to create the pool.

Had to green stuff the hell out of the joints
Primed black and ready to paint

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