Chaos Deamons, part 3


This was a great model to paint up. It has a ton of details, boils, broken flesh and goo. Like the Khorne deamon build, I built this model first so I could really get the flesh right. The build itself was by far the best model in the series to build.

I primed this model a tan color first and then hit it with a heavy green wash shade. I then started to dry brush from green to deep brown to flesh and then light flesh. This built up a great base look to the figure.

From there I black lined all the goo and boils. Onwards I hit the different torn bits of flesh blue to show the bruised wounds, adding some red, pinks and whites as needed. Boils I hit blue and pits pink. Yellow-orange outgrowths where then added and an overall light white dry brush over everything.

Horns and tusks I used a system I hit on when I used to paint a lot of fantasy models. Paint the horn white then wash it deep brown. I then start from the base of the horn with brown, transition to an off yellow-white and then move to a dull white. I tip the horn either black or white as needed. This really creates a great looking horn and I use it in tusks, nails and teeth if they are big enough to detail paint.

The base I hit with some rocks, skulls and half beads to create a pool of ooze with bubbles. This I painted with highlight and will finish with a Vallejo water effect.

Tan primed, green washed, and now a heavy dry brush of a brown flesh color
Light flesh dry brush layer
Adding in the details
Horns, tusks and nails added in. Dagger and rod both painted up by now.

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