Chaos Knight, part 18

Horseman of Death

Tzeentch Knight


So this model has some conversions to get done. I need to mount the wagon housing to the top of the caprice, build a headdress for the mask and I have these great glass eyes beads I got at a craft store that will look great on this Knight.

The wagon housing is a bit tricky, but I think I will raise it up off the caprice with some posts. I cut some dow and a bit of balsa wood for the posts and then mount it using green stuff. This created an ugly blob so I added some skulls and little torches to bring it all together.

I am thinking of running a LED light to shine through the central glob which lies in the middle of the astronomical array. This will take some time and thought.

Next up I have the headdress to work on. I want one of the glass eyes to be the centerpiece of the headdress. I mark it’s location and make a head of time some small balls of green stuff to press into the green stuff boarder so it looks like eyes. When I am done I will add the horse skull head I bought from Gadgets Plus. This with a woven beard on the chin will add to the dead Egyptian theme.

The glass beard eyes are going to be a problem. I used them on the Nurgle Knight and when I hit the model with the sealer spray it fogged the glass a bit. I do not want that this time around so I think what I will do is paint up the parts where the eyes are going to be mounted. Once painted I will hit them with the sealer and then go back and sculpt the eyes on. I can then paint around the eyes as needed and brush on a sealer where I have to.

Ok so time to paint.

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