Chaos Knight, part 15

Horseman of Famine

Slaanesh Knight

I have fallen into hell…

So everything is painted up real nice and I have all the parts ready to go. First up is to place the LED battery case and glue it down. I use this time to work up a cover for the battery case, which is once more going to be a tomb of some sorts to fit with the rest of the chaos knights and the display stand I plan to work up.

This time around I want to try adding some music to the model. I figure as this Knight is all about being over the top, I might as well trick it out all the way. Looking around I find a music card, just like the ones they use in musical greeting cards. It’s easy to set up, all you do is plug it into your phone, tablet or computer, hit record and play the music you want to us. It will hold up to around 100 seconds of sound and is loud enough to work just fine. (I got this little gem on Amazon, so you can find them easy enough)

This card I glue to a ruined wall and set a back cover which I mounted with magnets for easy access when I need to change the battery.

Now I am ready to glue the parts all together. Having learned from past mistakes, I make sure to rig up a test LED light and keep it on during the whole build. That way I will know if a circuit becomes broken as the light will go out. Setting the wire through the foot and leg I glue these together, leaving off the armor bits until last. Next I glue up the hip and waist, pulling the LED wire through as I go. Up next comes the chassis where most of the lights get glued into place. Everything is going good and I glue the chassis in place add the face mask and the organ. Everything is going really well, no problems and the test lights are working fine.

Its late so I go to bed and the next day I finish up by gluing on all the armor and little decorations and bits. I hit the LED switch to have a final look and no lights.

What? They worked fine the night before. Somehow, somewhere the circuit has been broken while I was adding on the last bits. Damn.


Now I have to bust the whole thing apart and find what went wrong. Breaking this thing up is going to damage parts and ruin some of the paint work but I have no choice. I try to be carful, and have to go all the way down to the foot. I never find a broken wire or anything, but once I get it broken down I re-connect the male-female connector to the battery case / switch and the lights go back on. Must have been a bad connection as it’s all good now.

I glue it all back together, fix what I can and stand back to have a look. I turn off the switch to save the battery but then hit it back on to have one more look.

Now I fall into hell. No lights!


I have to break it all down again. Break more bits and wreak more paint. I am getting more frustrated by the moment. This time I find nothing wrong, but when I test the male / female connection, no lights. So it’s this connection between the battery / switch and the rest of the system. It must have a short in the wire somewhere so it only works sometimes as I jiggle the wires about. I replace that connector, glue the beast back together once more.

Everything is working fine but one eye on the organ face is not lighting up. I figure it’s a bad wire here as well but I do not want to rip it apart to fix it! So it will just have one eye.

First build
Lights as seen through the organ face from the first build. Looks great.
Exhaust port from the second build. Note the blob of glue I had to use to get the organ in place.
Music card and cover in place. It plays Halloween organ music, very cool

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