Chaos Knight, part 14

Horseman of Famine

Slaanesh Knight


Ok so a bit of a departure here from my normal process. I wanted a semi-fade from purple to pink on the bits of armor, so I instead of priming these parts, used a water based spray-paint. I have a set of them, comes in several colors. Most of the model is still primed in black, but these bits I wanted this fade like splatter effect.

Off to the base coat of grays and then a heavy dip shading. You can see the process described in a different post.

Primed and base grey painted on. Note the rough paint job. It will all tie in when I finish.
Primed, base painted, dip shaded and light grey dry brushed

I finally get everything painted, with the black edges for the armor plates popping real nice. I am very happy with the paint job.

Spray-painted with water based paint. Purple to pink to white. Note that the purple is an oil based paint so we get a bleed where it hits the water based paint. Nice effect.
Black boarders and details added
Shoulder pad details. For this I used a fine tipped pen to draw it all out. I then hit it with black paint to bring up details. I thought about adding color but ended up sticking with just the black.
All the extra bits painted up

Now on to the nightmare build…

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