Chaos Knight, part 13

Horseman of a Famine

Slaanesh Knight


Ok so this model will be less about converting as just adding bits here and there. I did buy a third party generated face for the mask. It looks great!

You can find Gadgets Plus on shapeway. They have some great add one for your knights.

So next from the feet up I think I will take two of the Deamon heads and add them to the knee pads. I also use one of the loin cloths that comes with the kit.

Next I will add, after it is all painted up, cloth cape like bits from the deamon kit, adding them to the shoulder guards and off the guns. More jewelry bits will add more decadence to the Knight.

Now to the hard part, adding the organ to the back of the caprice. I have to cut a lot off the organ and as the knight’s caprice has a curve to it, I will need to figure out how to set the organ and match that curve.

In the end I used plastic card, some green stuff and trial and error to get the bits to fit. To the front of the organ I add the screaming face from the spell kit (Endless Spells: Hedonites of Slaanesh).

I drill out the eyes on the face plate and the eyes and mouth of the Hedonites of Slaanesh face. I plan to light up both. I also drill the engine plate and cover the exhaust port with a bit of plastic card as I will not be able to fit the exhaust pipes with the organ in place. I do though drill several holes into these cover plates to light them up.

Here is the organ cover

Next on to painting…

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