Chaos Knight, part 12

Horseman of a Famine

Slaanesh Knight

Concept and Theme

So this build starts off being a bit difficult. I have two horsemen already, easy to define as War serving Khorne and Pestilence under Nurgle. I have been thinking that the horseman of death would be under the lord of change so that leaves a Slaanesh holding famine.

I had to think about it some, but finally settled on this Knight of Famine is not hungry and wasted, no, it is fully engorged, leaving nothing for others, and thus famine and need follow.

So now that I can justify the knight’s position in the group, I needed a look. Taking a tour on the web and a Pinterest, I see a few knights dedicated to Slaanesh, but not a lot. Most are using a dark color, purple and some pinks.

I want more though. I had already bought the greater deamon of Slaanesh model, so it provided a lot of bits. I think I will just make this Knight all about being a fashionistas, really make it a diva.

I see that some have used the Exorcist placing the organ on the back caprice of the Knight. That I like and the kits torches might come in handy as well. So I order on of this kits. I also have the Slaanesh spell kit on hand and may use bits of that as well.

Now that I have an idea, on to converting the kit.

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