Chaos Knights, part 8

Horseman of Pestilence

Nurgle Knight


So the kits arrived and I am ready to start. I begin by planning out first how and what I will convert. I thing the knight will be covered in a mossy, sick growth with boils popping up all over as well as a lot of mushrooms. To this I want to have one of the shoulder pads to have a few tree limbs growing out of the armor, these hung with bells of all sizes.

To add to the bell theme I have seen many others create a bell tower on the caprice of the knight, which I think is a great idea.

On the other shoulder pad I want a three-ringed Nurgle symbol using the three sickness pots that come with the tree kit.

Last I think a cyclops like look with a single eye hole will fit well and use an old tooth paste cap which will fit the bill just fine.

To get started I need to set the tree limbs to one of the shoulder pads so I cut those parts out and trim them up, shaving the ends flat so they will fit flush. Next I add some green stuff around the edge to cover the joint.

I need to hold off adding the mossy growths until I have formed all the boils. Taking bits of green stuff I begin to form different sized balls which when dry I can push down into a layer of green stuff to make the boils seem to be forming out of the surface of the mossy growth. As these balls will take a good night to dry up I need to form them well in advance of working the surface up on the many parts. I also use the time to make the mushroom caps, again in advance so they can dry.

While the boils and mushrooms dry I move to making the bell tower. I have a whole box of bits and scraps, so there is no trouble funding the bits needed to build a tower. The big bell from the unclean one kit fits well here. I also glue down the sickness pots to the other shoulder pad. I use the time to also drill holes for the LED lights to shine through.

The next day I lay in various bits of green stuff all over different parts, dimpling as needed and shaping it to look like growths on the armored plates of the knight. Then while the green stuff is still wet I push in the different boils to make them look like they are erupting out of the goo. I add mushroom stalks and tag on the caps to complete the look.

I had thought about distressing the surface more with holes and rusted out sections but thought it might be over kill. Sometimes you have to quite while you are ahead and not over work the model.

Ok time to let it all dry up and then off to the paint job.

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