Chaos Knights, part 7

Horseman of Pestilence

Nurgle Knight


Well with the horseman of war all done it’s time to get started on the next one, the horseman of pestilence. This of course will be a knight dedicated to the power of Nurgle. All covered in diseases and rusty I think.

As always I start by researching what others have done. I see a lot of greens and tan colors with rust, holes and cruddy finishes. Lots of crude in fact. Not sure I want to go that direction. Maybe my knight is more of a gardener, a grower of fine plagues and virulent infections.

With that in mind a clear image starts to form. The knight calls those around him to the booms of sickness it grows, using bells to sound the calling of the unwilling to their demise.

I already have enough LED stuff to light this model so I do not need to order anything new there.

Next comes the sculpting.

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