Chaos Knights

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse 

Part 1


Ok so anytime I start a new project I always come up with a theme. Never the best move when it comes to playing the game, theme armies always lose it seems. Still half the fun for me is the model building and a theme both creates a story to work from and a focus to come up with customizations for the model.

This time around I wanted the theme for my chaos knights to be one knight for each power and one big guy to be sort of the chaos Boss. Having got knight kits to play with I hit upon having the idea of represent the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Khorne of course would be the horseman of war, Da! Grandfather Nurgle would be the rider of pestilence and Tzeentch as the horseman of death.

Slaanesh as the horseman of famine was a bit of a stretch at first but as I got to thinking it over, beings Slaanesh is all about excess, gluttony and extremes, why than would those that worship this power bother to leave anything left around for others. Greed allows depravity to exist and gluttony comes with hungry for those left out. So in the end the knight of famine works well with this power.

So with a theme settled on it is time to think about the medals…

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