Chaos Knights, part 5

Horseman of War

Khorne Knight

Painted and put together

So having painted all the parts up (I will skip the painting itself, you can see my process in another blog post) it is time to glue the whole thing together. As I will be lighting this model up I had to really think it through. Where was I going to place the battery case and the switch. How was I going to run the wires, how many lights and where, what color lights and so on.

I ended up placing the battery case off to the rear on the model’s base, hanging it off the edge a fare bit. As the display board will be a ruined cathedral I thought I would build a cover case for the battery so to cover it up. As I have a whole bunch of 28 mm terrain bits from a a Kickstarter I backed, I had on hand plenty of ruined building walls and bits. I worked up the case and placed some small rare earth magnets to hold it in place.

The base all set up
The battery case from some plastic card and terrain spurs

I then glued the switch and wires to the base and textured the surface with a texture paint. Love this stuff. It’s by Vallejo and they make all sorts of textures and colors.

Best stuff ever

Now I had checked the lights before I did all of this, just to be sure I had it working right. All good. Remember this for later…

Giving everything a good 24-hours to dry up I got back to it. First I glued the foot over the wire female couple. I then, having pre drilled the hole, strung the wires up through the leg part, out a hole at the hip and glued the other side in place to encase the wire in the leg. I left plenty of wire to work with.

The foot and leg ready to complete

Now the main wire is to go through the hip / waist and then up into the chassis itself. All is going well and excited I thought to turn on the test light once more before I hooked up anything else.

No light!?


Its not working and I cannot test the broken connection because I have glued everything together at this point. I have to literally rip the thing apart, braking parts as I go to get the wire free to find the problem. Nothing is working, from the battery case to the switch and out from there.

Not having a ton of experience with this stuff I drop the folks at Evens Designs a message asking for help. Seems the switch became shorted out when either I glued it to the base plate or when I texturized the thing.

The only thing I can do is rip out the whole set up and start over, being sure this time to test the lights as I go and being sure I keep the battery case and switch dry.

So lesson learned I guess. Now that I had to start over I made sure to text, text, test!

Once I had the main wire set to the inside of the chassis I could glue the LEDs in place, four on the back engine part, three to each exhaust port (Six total, three per side), and a few to the front to light up the face place and surround the head area so the inside looks like it’s on fire.

The face plate itself is a semi clear plastic so the LED shines through just fine, giving the whole thing a fiery-ghostly like effect.

The face on fire

Next came the laser weapon which I used a coin battery and switch. These I could not hide but I was able to glue both the battery case and switch in the inside of the weapon and they blend in fine.

Only issue is the exhaust lights on the right side do not show too well. They are too deep in the cavity of the chassis and it’s hard for them to shine upwards enough to be seen. Next time I think I will string the lights through the holes I drill and wire the light afterwards in the cavity as the LED bulb is a bit large. Live and learn.

With that I magnetized with rare earth magnates the weapons so I can switch them out as I see fit. Now the model’s done.

The back engine lights
The laser destroyer gun. Hard to see the lights on this one with the overhead light drowning the LEDs out

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