Chaos Knights, part 4

Horseman of War

Khorne Knight


Time to play with my toys. So I have a lot of stuff to convert and customize. Leg and shin guards, shoulder pads and the main caprice. The shin and leg guards are the easiest to do. I took the skulls from the skull pack (By GW) and cut the backs of the skulls off to make them flush. I then worked up some green stuff. (For those that do not know what that is, green stuff is a two part modeling putty that air dries hard. Mix equal bits of yellow and blue putty together until they turn green and use it to fill gaps in the model or to create new parts and the like)

Using the green stuff I worked up some new edges and then while the putty was still wet shoved in the skulls. After this all dried for a good 24-hours I added a thin film of green stuff and dimpled it to create a beaten metal texture. That’s it for the armor on the legs.

Shin guards all done and painted
Leg armored all done. Note that I used the small spike bits from the Slaves of Darkness kit

The two shoulder guards were a bit more work. For the right shoulder pad I worked up the front of one of the two skulls weeping blood I got with the a Khorne spell kit. I cut off and shaved down the blood so I just had the skull itself. A bit of green stuff shoved inside closed off the eye sockets and nose hole. The same process is then used as I work with on the shin and leg armor, dimpled the surface to make it look like beaten metal and added more smaller skulls. I then added the spikes taken from the spike field portion of the Slaves of Darkness Endless Spell kit (The parts are from the Realmscourge Rapture section of the kit), adding one near the top of the shoulder guard.

Right shoulder pad. Looks great!
As seen from the side

The left shoulder guard was the same process, but I used a few Halloween skulls, two medium skulls from the skull pack by GW and some more smaller skulls. Spikes where then added as well (From the second large spike set from the Realmscrouge Rapture model).

Left shoulder pad
Side view

Next came the big work, the caprice itself. I had seen online that someone had worked up a cool look of spine bones coming out of the top of the caprice. Very cool idea and it goes well with the whole bone and skull theme I have been working on. I though wanted to add in a symbol of Khorne into the look. The Judgement of Khorne kit has just the right bit. It’s huge though, more than I might want to use. If I incorporate this bit into the spine effect it’s going to stand really high on the back of the model. To visually deal with that I am going to have to trail the spine effect out and behind the model to counter the height. Thus means the spines themselves are going to have to be long and think visually. What I do not want is a lot of weight.

Fully completed

Thinking it all over I come up with a chip-cards stock frame. It’s light weight, but will hold its shape under green stuff. I mount this and then slowly over a few days add green stuff to fill out the form. (I started by working in the outline on both the front and back edges. I then filled in the bone adding texture and details. Normally I wipe off finger prints on green stuff work, but this time I left some prints for texture)

Once I had the bones set I added torn flesh along the rest of the piece, working the putty to look like exposed muscles. While that all dried I moved to the next part, rib bones. These I whittled out of a soft wood dowl, cutting each to fit and having a bit of a curve. These I rose up with a bed of green stuff.

Last but not least I added some bits of plastic card for ripped open plating. Too be honest I was not to happy with this result, the plates just did not turn out like I would have liked, but it was late at night and I was tired and said too hell with it.

Here you can see the exposed muscles

The last bit of work was to add the axe to the power fist. This was easy, I just cut off the hands set to the axe and re-glued the shaft of the axe back together. The fist has fingers that can be positioned open or closed so it was no problem wrapping them around the axe shaft.

Added a little bit of extra stuff to the top of the power fist

For the right leg I wanted it lifted up and bent at the knee. To get this I had to cut both ends of the leg, repositioning the parts and glueing them back together. A bit of plastic card covered a large gap and I added a spike for effect.

Cut and bent leg

Next stop painting…

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