Chaos Knights, part 3

Horseman of War

Khorne Knight

LED Lighting

I have always wanted to do some LED lighting and what better time to start. I looked around a bit and found this site that just deals with LED lighting for models. They have great how-to-videos and a great product line.

Spending more money, this build is getting expensive, I buy up a battery packs with an on off switche, some lights and other junk. You can find their site here…

Even Designs

Lights are going to make a lot more work though, not only do I have the learning curve of using the lights, but I really have to plan out how to set them into the model. Thinking it over I want the face plate to glow red. The engine in the back I want to have several points that will glow blue, as well as the laser destructor gun that comes with the model kit. Maybe the exhaust ports can glow red as well.

I will go more in-depth with this work later on, but I do have to say it was a learning curve and I did run into several problems.

All in all I think I spend about $150 on wires, light, switches and battery packs, but this will cover most of what I will need for all four models. (Boy as I wrong here…)

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