Chaos Knights, part 2

Horseman of War

Khorne Knight

Concept and Planning

Alright so I am ready to start my Khorne Knight, nasty lord of war that he will be. Before I even get started a did some research on the web, looking at color schemes, builds, customizations and what other people have done. 

For colors I will of course go with the standard red, but I think I will deviate with the boarder color and go black, with bits of gold here and there.

Looking around to what others have done I spot a build where they fashioned spine like bones out of the top carapace. Adding in some bones and skulls are a must, and I see that a lot of folks are using the power fist modified to hold a weapon.

I found this image on Pinterest and it was a big inspiration for my own model. This wonderful example is by Liam Anscough.

So with ideas floating around in my head I start buying the kits and bits I will need. I ordered the Desecrator kit to start. This is a great kit with lots of good spiky bits, even if I stab myself with those spikes all the time, ouch! One issue I have with this kit and the standard knight kit are the legs. You can, with the kit, reposition the arms both up and down and back and forth. Not so with the legs.

You want to bend the knee you have to chop the parts up and do it yourself. As I want one leg up and standing on something I will have to figure that out. I do not think it would have been too tough for GW to have generated legs in a movable manner or created the legs in two parts. Just a small gripe on my part, otherwise both kits are great.

Alright as I want a big ass Khorne axe, I figured I will order the Bloodthirster kit as well. This will not only get me the axe I want, but other bits I can use on my model. Not cheap though, over $120 bucks. I figure I can build this kit when I have some down time, toss some paint on it and sell it, that way I pay for the kit and still get bits off of it. I figure I will end up doing that with each knight.

Looking for more bits I pick up the pack of skulls from GW, one of most of the Endless Spell kits (I end up using bits from both the Judgement of Khorne and the Slaves of Darkness set for the Khorne knight)

Some other bits are a bag of cheap Halloween skull rings. I have used these before and they work great and coming in at around ten bucks for a bag of them I can use them on all kinds of stuff.

So those are the kits, now to build the thing.

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